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Latoya Moore

Latoya is a vibrant, one-of-a-kind, curly hair specialist located in Brooklyn. With a zest for life and a deep passion for self-love and style, she wants all curl queens and kings to embrace their natural beauty and feel their best.

“I’m in love with all natural textures of hair. I live for transformation and love to see the reactions of my clients when a style is complete. My clients are my inspiration. "Many of my clients are like extended family.” Latoya Moore, Elle Moore’s Beauty Suite

Latoya left the corporate world to follow her dream of becoming a hairstylist, and during beauty school, she realized her passion for natural hair. During her last week of school, Latoya had an interview with the manager of Devacurl, and the rest is history. She spent eight years working for their infamous SoHo salon, working key events and training staff, before deciding to pursue her own endeavor. Elle Moore’s Beauty Suite is a friendly and fun community for all curly textures. It is a place where you learn to love your natural curls, embrace your beauty, and have fun while doing it.

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